Some tips to use tablets
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As our selling experiences,we collect the problems of android or windows tablets users may meet.We list some of them out,you may find some useful information here.

1.I have put my tablet into charging for a long time,but it just can not ben turn on,is it fault?

First,we only sell genuine tablets in items will be fully tested before shipped out.But we received this question several times.And lots of them just have not press the right button.So,please check the button you pressed,make sure it is not the esc button or wifi button.If you do not know how to turn on,please contact us for help.

Second,it’s long way to overseas.It may make the battery flat,if so,put it into charging.

By this two ways,99% can be fixed.If it is still not working,you can send us the detail,we would get an satify answer within 24 hours.

2.I touched the screen,but it just did not get responsed the position I touched.

Actually,this problem only appears in the resistive touchscreen tablets at the moment.

First,please find the calibrate in the settings or menu.Do a calibration would fix the problem.

Second,try to remove the screen protector.If the screen protector pasted too tight,the screen may move by itself sometime.

3.I try to copy the file into the tablet built-in hard drive,but it says “Can’t be written”.

This is not a regular problem,but do a system recovery or firmware re-install or update will fix it when this happens.

4.I have installed the application,but when I go to the menu,I can not find the application icon while I can see from the application manager.

Right now,by doing system recovery or firmware update are the only ways to fix this problem.If you have better idea,please leave a comment to share with us.

5.When a new firmware comes out for my tablet,should I update?

First,please remember,doing system update is not recommaned.Since,it has the risk to make the tablet do not work at all.If this thing happened,can only return to factory to fix.Whenever you do the firmware update,please make sure the tablet has enough battery and do it under the steps told.Any problem happened,please do not panic,try to contact us,we would find a way to help though it is not 100% sure.

Second,of course,it is also good to do firmware update cause it usually give us more functions and fix more bugs.However,it is not meaning the newer the better.If your tablet run stable,you may do not need to do it.

6.I open the browser to watch youtube,but the tablet just freezes or collapses.

Some of the Android tablets run the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 do not support online videos very well yet.However,install the youtube application could fix this problem.And the Android 2.3 already support Adobe Flash Player 10.3,we have tested,it is much better.

7.I have connectted the tablet with my tv,but nothing shows in the tv.

Most the tablets will work only when you play videos.And some of it,such as flytouch,you need to menu button or other buttons to active it.

8.I have a 3g modem,but it does not work when I connect.

First,make sure the tablet support the 3g network you are using.

Second,not all the 3g modem or dongles will work in the tablet.(Usually,the android tablets support HUAWEI E1750 wcdma dongle).

Third,have a search about your 3g network provider’s apn setting.Add this apn setting into your tablet first.

9.I copy a software from my computer to the tablet,but does not work.

Every system has its own applications formats.Please find the correct application for it.

10.How to make the external hard drive work in the android tablet?

Please format the external hard drive into FAT format,for most of the tablets,this way will work.But some of them just do not support external hard drive.


If you have more tips to use tablets,please leave a comment to share with us.

We will keep on collecting problems and solutions and make the tablets more convenient for us to use!

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