Zenithink E98 capacitive version is going to release
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Zenithink E98 capacitive version is coming

An investigation made by American IHS iSuppli made the Zenithink have more attention by the China domistic electronic media.But many readers may still do not know what the kind of Zenithink company is.Let me introduce some of it here.Compared to the normal tablets manufacturing companies,Zenithink is a technology company.More professional saying,it is solutions company.Perhaps Steve Jobs’s success inspired Zenithink,the early of last year,zenithink changed himself to a tablet pc producer while others were still mainly selling PCBA.There are some advantages of this change,since in the company itself can fix the problem when some problems appears.As we all know,tablets pc has improved a lot within only one year,Zenithink has great advantage because of itself has a team of electronic engineering technology.For example,the zenithink zt-180 epad,which was realeased last June and now was called Zepad,has upgraded lots of firmwares and lots of problems users may have can be fixed.

Zenithink tablets have another feature,they are cheap.Producing the parts,which were originally done by several types of enterprises,toghter by one company only can control the cost better.

Before,the zenithink e98 was resistive touchscreen.Lots of customers request the zenithink to produce capacitive version as well.From non-official news,Zenithink e98 capacitive version would be realeased within weeks.About the price,I think change from resistive to capacitive touchscreen would increase about $20.00 usd more.

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